Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Walking The Dog

Copyright Jo Bradford 2009

So, as you can tell by the infrequency of my posting at the moment, I am pretty rushed off my feet workwise. When things get hectic it can be too easy to forget to get out of the darkroom, stay away from the computer and just get some fresh air and exercise. That's when I am always glad to see the waggy tail and expectant expression in Charlie's big brown eyes. I am lucky to have not just the seaside on my doorstep, but also an amazing old woods and the moors within a 10 minute drive, so when it comes to walking the dog, I am spoilt for choice. Charlie loves splashing round in the river and he never tires of charging around in the trees at the local fir tree plantation.

These pictures were made on recent excursions with my furry friend :)


magicpolaroid said...

hello! is great see u back! nice shot!

Aputsiaq said...

Wonderful photos indeed...late autumn! live in such a lovely place: 'Everything' is outside your door :O) That's so great!! And great that you remember to enjoy it with your dog!!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

What a beautiful boy! I find I don't even realize I need a break until I'm out with the dogs sometimes...they certainly force me to stop and breathe. Furry friends are such good therapy.

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