Sunday, 29 November 2009

Green Island Studios Calendar is here!!

It’s that time of year again!

Time is fast running out to get your hands on my 2010 calendar.  Themed around my most popular series “By The Seaside” these little works of art come in a loose leaf format.  

12 unbound sheets each with a beautifully printed 5”x5” artwork with the month printed  underneath, the page measures 5″×7” overall.

Every calendar print is hand signed by me and stamped on the back.

These unbound artworks are perfect for sticking to your noticeboard, fridge, desktop or wall, use magnets or hang them up with clips, pegs, ribbon or whatever you have lurking in your stash drawer.  They work well in small desktop frames or easels, of which there are many to choose from on Etsy, take a browse round and see what you find...

And at the end of each month you can trim off the calendar section, leaving you with 12 beautiful prints from Green Island Studios, ready to frame, hang or give away as gifts.  (If you can bear to part with them)

The calendar sheets arrive gift wrapped in coloured paper and tied with a decorative ribbon.  They can be sent direct to your friends and family as gifts if you wish, and I can include a personal message, so just let me know at checkout 

Here is the list of 5x5 artworks you will receive in your 2010 Calendar.

January - "Blue Beach Days 2"
February - "”White Horses"
March - "Sun Showers"
April - "Cumulus"
May - "Lighthouse Lane"
June - "Riviera"
July - "Sea Pinks"
August - "Immersion"
September - "Golden"
October - "Afternoon Social"
November - "Meeting Place"
December - ”White Water, Green Sea"

European buyers...visit my gallery HERE 
America & the rest of the world... visit my gallery HERE

I hope you had a good November folks 


DolceDreams said...

You did it! I love them...

Seth said...

What a beautiful series!

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