Monday 31 March 2008

A blue sky day!

Soaring High - Original Fine Art Photograph by Jo Bradford
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What a pleasure to wake up to blue skies and sunshine this morning - after such a long winter. I am glad that the sun has decided to grace us with her presence at last :)

Vintage Cameras

Her Name Is Iris by Jo Bradford (More info here)
I have a growing collection of vintage box cameras and all sorts of other antique camera paraphernalia which I like to play with. I pick up photography related junk on an almost weekly basis, it often gravitates to me by way of family members and acquaintances after they have cleared out their attic, or an old shed - and I am a happy recipient!!

I while away many happy hours in my studio restoring and adapting these treasures to apply to my creative process. And I always enjoy the puzzled looks I get from passers by when I go out in public with my strange contraptions to make new pictures.

Saturday 29 March 2008


Blonde by Jo Bradford

I have been a photographer since early childhood. I grew up in Africa, where the wilderness and wonder were an amazing inspiration and encouragement to have a camera handy.

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic which I took out and about with me everywhere.
I still get a lot of pleasure from taking my camera out and about with me - I haven't changed much in fact.


Red Sky Night and Yellow Evening by Jo Bradford

I plan to use this blog to showcase work that is produced at Green Island Studios. To begin with here is some work that I have made recently.

These are more examples of my Luminogram City Scapes, which I create in my colour darkroom. Using just light and chemically sensitised paper.

Green Island Art Blog from Green Island Studios

The City Sleeps - by Jo Bradford


You have stumbled upon the new blog for my artspace, Green Island Studios which is situated in Cornwall, UK. I am lucky to be by the sea and lots of leafy woodlands too.

I have a studio and a full colour darkroom where I work full time. I work mainly with photography, in a variety of formats; from using vintage cameras & pinholes to digital equipment.

I like to pick up vintage Twin Lens Reflex and Box cameras from car boot sales and junk shops to adapt into weird camera contraptions and pinholes. I am a fan of working with alternate and anitquated processes as well. I love to make cyanotypes, photograms and colour luminograms on paper and fabric. The image above is a luminogram which I painted with light in my darkroom recently.

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