Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Day 3, Getting things done!!

Day 3 from the Last Light Series by Jo Bradford


I have just finished my piece of photogram / cliche verre art for my Space Shuttle Piece... more about that next week when I have finished showing you this last light series

Happy Wednesday!!



Char said...

i think you should share the recipe for said cake as it sounds yummy.

i love that rock sitting there on the power point. and i love the subtle layers of tones. beautiful.

Jo Bradford said...

Thanks Char

It's one I made up myself after cobbling together the best bits of a few recipes I have tried - I will think about posting it here, it would be a bit of a departure from the norm - but hey - I embrace change!!

Aputsiaq said...

Jo, thanks for the amazing video...I enjoyed it so...and thanks for the wonderful photo peaceful!

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