Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Day 2 - and so much to do!!!

Day 2 from the Last Light Series by Jo Bradford


Hello Folks!! Here is your Tuesday installment of my new series "Last Light".

This is Day 2.  


Char said...

sounds like the great combo of productive but with some lovely moments too. me, i'm working today and sneaking in a bit of blog reading after lunch

DolceDreams said...

The never-ending lists of things to do. I look at my sons in envy, remembering the days when there were no lists...
I am happy to see your bottom of the list, the homey items!
Enjoy, I hope you have been well...

Jo Bradford said...

Hi Char

Yes, I could add the more mundane jobs like the housework - but that goes without saying doesn't it!!

Hope work wasn't too tedious - sneaking peeks at blogs is my favourite way to spend lunchtime!

Jo Bradford said...


Yep, Those were the days... the pink roses I picked are looking lovely and smelling divine, lucky that the previous owners of our farmhouse were rose fans the garden is full of them :)

I hope you are well too!! How's life in Vegas?


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