Monday, 28 September 2009

Feeling fine!

Citrus by Jo Bradford
Morning All!!
I am still working hard, ploughing through my back catalogue, searching for forgotten treasures to hand over to Getty to look after for me..... It has been a cathartic experience looking through all those boxes of photos and dics, negatives, and old albums and slides, something I should have done years ago. It has really helped to focus my mind about what I am doing now, my plans for the near and distant future and so on. An added benefit is how great it feels to just get my studio tidied up - yes, I am actually filing everything away properly once I have checked it out, how frightfully organised of me!! I have never felt so uncluttered and clear of head.

On the subject of feeling clear headed, I am doing a detox at the moment, and I am a full week into it already. I have been drinking lots of water and fruit juice, eating regular small meals and avoiding caffeine and alcohol (sigh) too. I am already feeling the benefit, I have lots more energy and my hair and skin feel great!! Here's hoping this inspires you to do something soothing for body or soul too - I heartily recommend it!!

Love Jo



Char said...

I seriously need to catalog my shots from the past three years.

love the citrus shot - it would be a fantastic kitchen or den shot

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

What a pretty little shot!
Want to come catalogue my backlog, too? Maybe that would be a great winter project...

DolceDreams said...

We are on the same page...I am going to start a cleanse, just thinking about which one I will do. Like you, I will do without caffeine and alcohol too...and I am scared stiff, more about the caffeine! I have done many so know it will be good...Thanks for the inspiration!

Karen Faulkner said...

Oh long does detoxing require? I ditto what DolceDreams said, the lack of caffeine part scares me.

Jo Bradford said...

Ok, husband says I must point out that I am not totally avoiding caffeine - I am allowed one cup of tea per day, which i have first thing, and boy do I love that treat!! I really missed a glass of wine when we had a friend over to stay last week and he and hubby drank beer while I demurely sipped at my cranberry and fresh lime.... but actually it has not been too bad. I am trying for a month - and if I feel amazing, hey maybe I will keep going... but I seriously doubt it!!!

Beholden-To-Nature (Kenna) said...

Wow... reading your post, it would appear that I need a bit of ALL of it. The uncluttering, the detox, Getty... ;) Glad you're doing so very well for you Jo! :)

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