Wednesday, 2 September 2009

phoenix like

Well I really thought I had killed my beloved Pinstripe Orchid when I moved recently. The poor thing must have hated the vibrations and winding country lanes in the back of the van... I guess it is no way for such a glorious creature to travel!!
Anyway, within 48 hours of moving she had dropped all of her flowers and was looking very sorry for herself. Thankfully, I can report that 8 weeks later, after a lot of gentle nurturing and coaxing (and a new sunny spot in the windowsill), she has produced a whole new stem of flower buds and the first three opened this week.... yeay!!
My beauty is back, long may she reign as queen of my houseplants
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Geisslein said...

I LOVE Orchidees! Lovely always :o)
Wish you a great day today!

Violetta Noir said...

Stunning photography, such a beautiful blog!

Katja said...

what a beautiful orchid! I really love your photography and have been a frequent reader and admirer of your blog. If you don't find it too presumptuous, I've listed your blog as a blog that inspires me on my brand-new blog at

Karen Faulkner said...

Gorgeous! I've wanted to buy myself and orchid but have been a little afraid of killing it. This inspires me1

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