Saturday, 13 June 2009

highs and lows

Poppytalk by Jo Bradford

I have had a bittersweet week this week, as I got together with two different groups of my photography students to hang and open their end of year shows.
I recently wrote a GCSE darkroom photography course, and this year I delivered it twice weekly to my first guinea pigs cohort - a group of 14 to 22 year olds at a local sixth form college.
After a year of hard work and an extremely steep learning curve, working with manual film cameras and printing in a black and white darkroom, they have produced some outstanding work. I was so proud to see them gathered with their wonderful work last night and really really sad that I won't be seeing them weekly anymore... Although I know we will all stay in touch... I'm missing them already :(
My more mature HND commercial photography group also had their opening night of their show last night, and I am proud to say that their work is diverse and of a high standard. It was lovely to see them all and admire their work on the walls of the gallery.
I am one proud mommie lecturer!!
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Have a good weekend folks!



Char said...

I miss classes like I had in Birmingham. may this week double in highs and half (at least) in lows.

fotosppf said...

I did not read any post, but I like very much all pics.

John Beach said...

I think i speak for every1 when i say thank you for your help and advice this year and why cant we have you for more units!

biff h said...

hay you know i will miss you !!!!!!!!!!!!!

do you have any old cameras that you dont want as i want to take one apart to have a look in side.

and i will be happy to do some work if you need camras cleaning and lugging equipment around i will be more that happy so give me shout !!!!!

VenetiaJewelry said...

i love the poppies photo so summery!

Polly Stock said...

yeah john, I'll second that. Thanks Jo

Jo Bradford said...

aaaww thanks guys xxxxxxx

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