Tuesday, 19 May 2009

(wo)mans best friend


My family are all dog lovers and we are blessed with many beautiful and amazing dogs between us. Our pampered pooches rule our lives, in fact, as I type this I have Charlie, my full grown german pointer, is snuggled up on my lap snoring!!

My beautiful dog Charlie is in the top photo.... he's the solid brown pointer third left, first left is his black and white spotted sister, Missy, his brown and white spotty Mom, Lolly, and on the far right is his solid black sister Uno. The first photo is of my Mums new puppy Darwin, ain't he cute!!


Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

They are too cute! I love the top one of him peeking out from behind the bush.

LisaBongZee ~ Island Dream Life said...

Loved reading about your pups. I also have one who is the total love of my life. www.superbry.com

Give em' all a big "Hug Of Aloha" from me!


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