Wednesday, 20 May 2009

monkey business

I hope you will enjoy this lighthearted poem from one of the Bradford household's favourite contemporary British poets, Simon Armitage.
The sun comes like a head
through last night's turtleneck.
A pigeon in the yard turns tail
and offers me a card. Any card.
From pillar to post, a pantomime
of damp, forgotten washing
on the washing line.
So, in the breeze:
the olé of a crimson towel.
the cancan of a ra ra skirt,
the monkey business of a shirt
pegged only by its sleeve, the cheerio
of a handkerchief.
I drop the blind
but not before a company
of half a dozen hens
struts through the gate,
looks round the courtyard
for a contact lens.
~Simon Armitage~


Four Points Adventure said...

Beautiful image of a rural idyll

Jo Bradford said...

Thank you xoxo

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