Thursday, 14 August 2008

Glittering & rocking & bursting & blue

The radiant soda of the seashore fashions
Fun, foam and freedom.

The sea laves
The Shaven sand.
And the light sways forward
On self-destroying waves.

The rigor of the weekday is cast aside with shoes,
With business suits and traffic's motion;
The lolling man lies with the passionate sun,
Or is drunken in the ocean.........

.........O glittering and rocking and bursting and blue-
Eternities of sea and sky shadow no pleasure:
Time unheard moves and the heart of man is eaten
Consummately at leisure.

Excerpts from Far Rockaway by Delmore Schwartz

details from Blue Beach Days 2 by Jo Bradford
All Photographs © Jo Bradford


Geisslein said...

Hi Jo, thank you so much for adding me to your blog-list - and thanks for your kind words in my blog! I LOVE your photos and your artwork and it is always a pleasure for me to look whats new on your blog!
wish you a very nice day

seth said...

Gorgeous photos. Love the colors!

Ryan said...

That top piece is gorgeous, nice job.

DreamON said...

Beautiful photos reminiscent of days at a beach in Oregon. Love the technique you used.

milchm├Ądchen said...

Hi Jo, beautiful photographs!
Thanks for your email - see you in Hamburg ;)


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