Wednesday, 20 August 2008

The Brightest Star

Wood Peony by Jo Bradford

I have the pleasure of several beautiful woodlands within a few minutes walk from my studio. My dog, Charlie, and I, make full use of them on a daily basis. I love to take my TTV camera contraption down to the woods with me. While Charlie crashes around in the undergrowth sniffing for the creatures that dwell there, I tuck myself away in a dappled dell and photograph the hidden treasures I find. This wood peony was surrounded by bluebells and dewy grass in a quiet glade on the edge of a stream. The breathtaking white of the flower glowed in the sunlight that pierced through the leaves overhead like a spot light that mother nature was shining on this star of the woods.

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ceevee said...

Jo I love your photographs. They are so artistic. I would like to hear your process, how you did these. I don't have my own blog but I am a member of this etsy team blog, a local one. We all take turns writing. Please do come and visit us. We welcome visitors!!

Marionette said...

Your art is so calming and relaxing! Very beautiful.


seth said...

Another beautiful image. Jo - can you email me so I can have your email address for future Pulse projects? Thanks!

Mersea said...

Jo, what gorgeous photos!!!! and the poetry is as well!

miz katie said...

oh my! this is so lovely. almost looks like something i'd see in a dream.

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