Friday, 14 May 2010

Delights : Warnings

A Woodland Fairy ~ A Poem by Lizzy Tomlinson

Deep inside the woods, at night,
Appeared a fairy, bathed in light,
Her grace was magical to see,
As she tiptoed there, beneath the tree,
Just that one night,
I witnessed the sight,
Of a woodland fairy bathed in light.


As a child I had a book of collected poems for children and this wonderful poem by Scottish Poet, Lizzy Tomlinson, is one of the poems that I loved so much that I knew it off by heart :)

This long exposure photograph was taken just before sunrise on a cold October morning, Steph T, my model had to try to keep her torso and facial expression totally still, whilst flapping her arms slowly to create the wings...


DolceDreams said...

Love it!!!
Have a great week...I am enjoying your calender very much :)

missmarchant said...


I found your blog via Google after reading about you in the DaWanda interview. Your photos are fascinating, eclectic and very very cool.

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