Monday, 15 March 2010

Advent of Spring

A week in Spring flowers, Day 1 (Pink Tulip) by Jo Bradford 

I am back in my studio after weeks of travels and I am delighted to see that the gardens are full of spring colour already.

I am still going along happily with my 365 Goodbyes Project  - using up all my expired old Polaroid Film.  To celebrate the advent of Spring 2010, I am going to make a theme of Spring Flowers for a few days, or a week, well basically until I run out of flowers to capture with my ‘roid! Cornwall, UK.

Pop over for a look at what I have been up to with my Polaroid recently :)

Happy Monday folks :)


A week in Spring flowers, Day 2 (Mauve and Green Helebore) by Jo Bradford ~ Polaroid Land Camera 240 and 125i film (expired 12/2007).

(Polaroid photographs, all rights reserved, copyright: Jo Bradford 2010)

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