Sunday, 7 December 2008

Join The Dots

Join The Dots by Jo Bradford

This is one of the other new lines I have created for the winter season. I made these about a month ago to list specifically as Christmas Card Designs, but have had so many enthusiastic requests for prints of these, that I have decided to list them as fine art photographic prints on Etsy as well. I am madly in love with the colours and shapes, and very pleased with this work, definitely some of my favourite new work of 2008.
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Karen Faulkner said...

So festive and colorful!

artbylmr said...

Jo, Thanks for stopping by. I just love the subtle soft glows and bright colors in this one. Perfect for Xmas Cards!


Julia Guthrie said...

Hi Jo, just stopping by to say hello...& I adore your photography!

It's funny because I was just browsing Mini Gallery & your work caught my eye so I had a look & then got sidetracked by your blog.
I was scrolling down thinking "These pictures look familar...." then I saw your Etsy store & realised that I HAVE seen them before...I'm an Etsy member too ! LOL
I must have missed that you were in Cornwall though. (me too!)

Anyway, consider yourself added to my blog list :)
Off to finish browsing Mini Gallery now...I was thinking about signing up there myself so if you have any comments on how it's been for you I would love to hear them!:)

Julia x

ankyonline said...

quite beautiful

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