Friday, 21 November 2008

Lighthouse Lane

"Leaves of Grass"
I stand as on some mighty eagle’s beak,
Eastward the sea absorbing, viewing,
(nothing but sea and sky,)
The tossing waves, the foam,
the ships in the distance,
The wild unrest, the snowy, curling caps -
-that inbound urge and urge of waves,
Seeking the shores forever.
··· Walt Whitman ···
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Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

Lovely. It's got the aqua and red color combo that I've been loving lately.

Karen Faulkner said...

Beautiful photograph and poem.

thinker said...

Great photo, lighthouses are amazing, beautiful and powerful both visually and as a symbol . Wadsworth said in one of his poems: "A new Prometheus, chained upon the rock, Still grasping in his hand the fire of love.."
And I like the poem by Whitman very much!

sooziebee said...

Love the photo, you would have loved Maine, there were some amazing lighthouses!
Have added you to my blog-roll too, and also have gone down the wine and X-factor route myeslf too this eve. Who do you reckon is gonna win??? I'm hoping Diana, as she has the most unique voice, but her TT song choice didn't do her justice. Eoeoghaoin (or however the hell you spell it) was also good but doesn't do it for me. I think my secong choice would be Alex. How sad eh? Staying in on a Sat night, cos it's too cold and dark and watching the Xfactor.... but you just can't beat it. Bath and Pjs now before the results!!!

Geisslein said...

Oh and again such a great Vintage-Photo from you! I love your work!
greetings from germany

Anonymous said...
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